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One Time Service

We offer one-time services great for when you are opening-up or shutting down your cottage for the season.

Ongoing Service

Schedule regular cleanings so you can spend your time enjoying your cottage instead of cleaning it!

Why Choose Us?

Eco-Friendly Products and Supplies


We use Eco-Friendly chemicals and supplies so you can feel good about your service!

Fast and Friendly Service

Time Saving

We save you time so you can enjoy your cottage experience without worrying about cleaning!

Flexible Schedule

Flexible Hours

We can work around your schedule so your time at the cottage is yours alone!

About Local Legends

No matter if you are a weekend warrior or if you rent your cottage out, you can trust our team to keep your cottage in tip-top shape. We provide a range of services from dusting and light upkeep all the way to full cleaning service after your tenants have left and with a flexible schedule, and while-your-away service you’ll never know we were ever there!

Plus with our eco-friendly and safe cleaners you don’t have to worry about kids, pets or your guests!

We provide airbnb turn overs, weekly and bi-weekly cleanings as well as seasonal and deep cleaning services.

Our first clean is $60 per hour after that we provide a flat rate depending on the size and frequency of your job.!

Schedule an appointment today and discover the Local Legends Difference!

Beautiful Cottage after cleaning
Beautiful Cottage after cleaning
Get professional Cottage Cleaning

From Our Clients

“Great customer service. Excellent property maintenance skills. I will recommend this outfit to all my colleagues.”

The Plumbing And Heating Brothers

“Local Legends provided excellent services that exceeded our needs. Devin Morley was very quick on response time with giving us quotes and completing work in a timely and sufficient manner. I highly recommend Local Legends.”


“Devin and his team are extremely professional and they know how to get the job done right. We had a crazy amount of snow this year and if it weren’t for Local Legends, we’d be completely snowed in! They did a great job removing snow from my property including my driveway and street parking spots. Thanks again!”

Andrew Yancoff

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